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GoalsPeople are living much longer today percentage wise. 85+ is the fastest growing segment of our population. In fact, many of us are living beyond 100! While this is great news, we are faced with concerns with which past generations did not have to deal. It is becoming increasingly clear that we need to address estate planning differently than our parents and grandparents. An additional decade or two of life is a wonderful gift. It is also a reality for which you should plan. There are financial, legal, insurance and tax related issues many of us are not aware of or do not wish to think about now, that may become significant later. The knowledge of these issues, and planning for the possibilities, is the best way to protect quality of life and peace of mind for today... and tomorrow. Setting up a solid plan for your future now can ensure that you retire comfortably and enjoy those extra decades. In addition, a solid plan allows you to leave as much as possible to your heirs while avoiding potential financial devastation later in life due to unexpected or unplanned circumstances. The goal is to ensure that your estate lasts the rest of your life and beyond.